September 19

Silent Auction

Please register for the Silent Auction today! Just text MVES17 to 24-700 to get registered. It will ask you for your credit card information (if you have not registered before). Your credit card will not be charged unless you are the winning bidder of an item. When you register, you will be able to see all of the items we have up for bid on our website. The bidding starts October, 1st and will close at 10:00 pm on October 13th, after the Fall Festival!
Take a look at some of the amazing items we have so far….and more to come!

30A Beach Rental
American Girl-Lea Clark
4 Disney Tickets
Party of 12 for the Roswell Ghost Tour
Party of 8 at Urban Escape Games
Beats Solo2 Headphones
Magic Chef Compact Refrigerator
Principal for the Day
Front Row Parking Space at MVES

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September 17

Weekly Update 9/17

A few reminders: 

Box Tops are still needed. Please send them in. We are so close to winning the competition. I like to WIN!

We are still on a testing schedule on Monday and Tuesday this week. Our regular schedule will resume on Wednesday 9/20.

Hearing and vision tests will be done on Wednesday the 20th.

Our Mad Dash Pep Rally is Thursday.  The Mad Dash and silent auction is Mountain View’s BIG fundraising event. This is our chance to raise money to support all our extra programs. PLEASE help us reach our goal. There will be prizes in class as well as the school provided ones for fundraising. The 4th grade teachers are all auctioning off a breakfast, PJ, cartoon morning before school. How cool will it be for you to invite friends and have the teachers provide breakfast before school one day. Each of us have one in the auction, so when the bidding starts, be sure to outbid your competitors if you are interested.

Reading: We have worked on writing summaries all last week and will continue this week. I’m impressed with the progress I am seeing. Some students still want to include too many extra details, but I am proud of their hard work in reading this week.

Writing: We continue to work on our narrative writing. This week we will re-visit introductions, work on endings and spend some more time learning how to show and not just tell in writing. After the fall break, the students will write a narrative piece from start to finish to measure growth.

Grammar / Spelling:  We have started our mentor sentences and they are going great. I love to see the creativity when we get to the Wednesday or Thursday lesson and they are invited to imitate. I hope within the coming weeks those lessons start to show in their writing and we can lift the level of their narratives. This week we will be using a sentence from Cloud Dance and focusing on Personification.

Math: We will finish our adding and subtracting unit on Tuesday with a summative test.  We will do a mini unit of perimeter and then revisit that measurement standard later in the year when we talk about area. When we return from the break, we will start with multiplicative comparison, factors, multiples and then multiplication.

Science and Social Studies: We are going to continue our weather unit in science this week. Vocabulary terms and weather concepts should be studied each night. We will not have a formal pencil and paper test, instead the students will complete a performance task. They will create maps, including pressure systems and fronts and record a weather forecast predicting the following days weather based on their maps. To do well, they need to know the terms used in this unit.


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September 11

Permission Slip Needed


We have a nurse from Wellstar coming to do a lesson on “Taming Tempers” with our students this Thursday, Sept. 14th. Permission slips and letters were supposed to go home today, but since Wednesday is our first day back this week, they will have to go home Weds the 13th and come back Thursday the 14th. If you child does not have a signed permission slip, they will be placed in another 4th grade classroom during the presentation and will not be allowed to participate. There is no fee for this in-house field trip.

I still do not know what our schedule will be like this week due to testing, but as soon as I do, I will let you know. What I can say for sure is that our math test will not be this week. Instead, addition and subtraction test will be given next week on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Be safe everyone! I will update as soon as I am able,

Christy Somerville
4th grade teacher
Mtn. View Elementary

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September 6

Math Fact Club / Math Help

We have started our math fact class challenge. Many students have mastered addition and subtraction and are working hard to pass the multiplication tests. I have seen so much improvement. If you child wants to practice the math club at home please use the link below.

Your child already has a login for  and yesterday received login information for

On Zearn there are math lessons taught by a certified math coach. The lessons are interactive and GREAT. There are also some fact races and math games. Please look at the inside cover of your child’s agenda for their login and encourage them to work on this site at home.



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September 1

Weekly Update 9/1

Go Bucks!  It was tough to watch my Buckeyes play horribly the first 1/2 of last nights game, but they still pulled out a 49-21 WIN!!

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend and send my students back refreshed.

September 6th through the 14th other grade levels will be working hard on Cogat and IOWA tests. Our schedule will change during these dates. Please note that our lunch will be 11:21 – 11:51 (instead of 12:15 – 12:45). No parents are allowed to be in the building as volunteers / visitors until the “all clear” for testing has been called.

Reading: We are working on elements of poetry. There will be a reading test on Thursday, September 7th covering the vocabulary, rhyme scheme, meter, mood, and theme in poetry. All students have a study page with the required vocabulary and we are continuing to practice in class.  There is also a figurative language quiz on Tuesday when we return. Your child has a study guide for that also.

Math: Subtracting across zeros is hard for most students. Continue to practice adding and subtracting nightly. There will be a small quiz on Thursday and a bigger math test on Wednesday the 13th.

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September 1

September Math Camp

September Math Camp
A camp designed for mathematically talented students interested in competitive mathematics
September 25-28, 2017
9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Walton High School
September Math Camp is designed to introduce 4th through 6th grade students talented in mathematics to competitive mathematics. Students will
 Explore math topics
 Practice solving ciphering questions quickly
 Learn problem-solving strategies
 Experience practice tournaments
Registration is $150.

Registration must completed online at A spot for your student will be reserved upon payment. You will be notified through e-mail when your child has been accepted. If registrations are full, your check will be returned to you through mail.

Need more information? Contact Laura Speer at

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August 27

Weekly Update 8/27

A BIG thank you to the families who purchased books or gift certificates for our class during the book fair. Your generosity is SO APPRECIATED!!!!

Important Upcoming Dates:

Monday 8/28-Math test Place Value

Wednesday 8/30 Early Release

Thursday 8/31 Spelling Sort 4 test, poetry elements test

Monday 9/4 Labor Day, no school

Wednesday 9/6 Progress reports come home (testing and an alternate schedule begins)

Math: We are finalizing our place value unit and taking a pretest on addition and subtraction.

Grammar / Spelling: We are on spelling sort 4 and continuing to learn figurative language. there will be a figurative language assessment the week of Sept. 4th, Date TBD.

Social Studies: We will learn the Native American tribes and regions of the US.

Reading: We continue to dive into poetry, the elements of poetry, jotting, and gist using our close reading strategies.  The students have had some great conversations about the meaning of the poetry we are exposing them to.


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August 22


Good Afternoon,

Today I had the chance to go over the math quiz from last week. I met in small groups and students were able to ask questions. I had planned on giving the unit test this week, but will move it to Monday the 28th.  The morning work this week is a review and it will come home over the weekend for some extra study material.


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August 22

STEM Challenge

Congrats to our class winners. PLEASE come cheer on your classmates as they take on the 3rd grade and 5th grade teams at STEM night. I hope to see you all there 5:30 – 7:30 on Thursday!

I am so proud of everyone who participated and LOVED seeing everyone’s design and redesign ideas.

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