February 15

Mid Month Update

A HUGE thank you for spoiling me this week. Teacher Appreciation and Valentine’s Day in the same week. The school supplies are so appreciated. I told the students the other day that I thought they were eating pencils and glue sticks. I can literally put 30 pencils in the jar on Monday and by Wednesday there are 2 left. We only have 25 students.

When we return we will continue adding and subtracting fractions and move on to multiplying and our decimal unit.

In reading, most of our book clubs will be ending and there will be an assessment / project to be completed in class. We will also be talking about comparing and contrasting, context clues, and back to summarizing and main idea but with non-fiction text.

Our social studies block will switch to science as we talk about our planets. Much of this unit is covered in science lab, but students are still responsible for the understanding of the standards. Please encourage them to keep asking questions. We will write informational writing papers on the planets to help.  ***Just a reminder there are no re-takes on the SS test since we are moving on to science. Grades will be entered tonight.

Enjoy the break, rest up, play in the rain, READ every day and keep working on math.

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February 10

March STEM Day

Please see the link below and donate if you are able.








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February 7

Another note from our nurse

Please email Nurse Karetha at karetha.milton@cobbk12.org and let her know if your student has been diagnosed with the flu by a health care provider this year.

Remember – the best way to stay well is to wash your hands thoroughly and do not touch your face. Stay home if you’re not feeling well. Germs are not something we want to share at Mountain View! See the school website for more info on the flu and how to prevent it. Check out these important short videos!


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February 5

Social Studies

A reminder that the study guide is due Thursday. Students will have time in class on Wednesday to work on it, but should not wait until then to get started.

Mr. Aumann has posted some great resources on his blog for us to use.



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February 5


In class, the students have been working really hard on written expression. We use F.A.R.E to produce complete responses. Flip the question, Answer the question, Refer back to the text, and Explain your answer.  Today for the first time, I asked a question in math and told them I needed a FARE response. This did not go well.  PLEASE encourage extra time with math vocabulary. It is so crucial.

The question I asked was….Which is greater   1/2 of 12 cubes   or  1/3 of 24 cubes ?    I instructed the students that pictures, models, or number lines MUST be part of their explanation.   3 our of my 25 students got the answer correct. Some students with the wrong answer had very valid explanations, but they were wrong. They saw 1/2 and 1/3 and explained that 1/2 was greater than 1/3 instead of looking at the fractions in a set.    I finally called them all to stand around and we sorted cubes on the carpet into groups. The visuals helped and the second attempt was MUCH better.    This is where I need your help. While shopping, or driving, or at dinner…please ask some of these questions. mentally they should start figuring out how many, by using fractions of a set and be able to compare amounts.

*Just a  side note, there are a few students who are still struggling with math facts. This includes division. It is very hard to divide 24 into 3 equal sets if you don’t know your facts. I appreciate the extra time spent on this!!


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February 2

Feb. Update

So happy to have another full week of instruction. In math we are working on comparing fractions with like and unlike denominators. There are several ways to demonstrate mastery of this standard. BUT in 4th the students MUST be able to show comparison through models and number lines. In 5th they learn how to find common denominators. Some online sources will teach them the “butterfly” method. Again, they need to know models and number lines.
If you haven’t seen your child’s reading journal, please ask them to bring it home and look at their book club assignments. The first week was rocky with some forgetting their assignment and others completing it wrong. This week has had a much better start. The assigned pages can be read at home, but the assignments must be completed at school. As a reminder not everyone is working in a book club. Some students are working on Read 180.
I really enjoyed Wednesday’s presentation from the Sons of the Revolution. They learned about bathing twice a year and what life was really like during the mid to late 1700’s.
There are two big assessments planned for the week before Feb Break. We will test over the American Revolution and there will be a fractions test. More details will be posted to our class blog. SS and Math study guides were both handed out this week. Not all of the material on the study guides has been covered yet, but PLEASE remind your child to start studying now.

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January 23

A note from our nurse!

Parents, please take time each weekend to wash jackets, water bottles, wipe down backpacks, binders, etc. to help prevent illnesses during flu season. We are trying to be preventive at Mountain View in combating the flu that we are hearing about on the news lately.

Stay well!

Karetha Milton, RN
School Nurse

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January 23

January Update

The time off has been wonderful, but in reality as a teacher it’s never good to have unexpected interruptions to our instructional time.  We have some catching up to do. I have no doubt we will get it done.

In Reading we have started book clubs. PLEASE have a discussion with your child about this. A few students are already in a Friday book club, and they will continue. A few other students are using Read 180. This group will continue this program and not complete book clubs. The rest of the students all have an assigned book.  They also have a breakdown in their reading journal of assignments, required reading pages, and due dates. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  The assigned pages must be read AND the assignment completed by the due date. All books were handed out today and expectations fully explained. These assignments need to be completed AT SCHOOL. The reading can be done at home. Please remind them to be careful with my newly purchased books.

In Math we are reviewing unit fractions, discussing parts of the whole and moving on to equivalent fractions. I was impressed with their knowledge of number lines. They did so well in class. Let’s keep up the hard work.

In STEM lab, the students will start learning about space.

Our social studies and writing (also a bit of our reading) have been combined.  Since we are working on informational writing this 9 weeks, we are researching and writing about the American Revolution. Please have a dinner conversation about the causes of the American Revolution. They should be able to tell you all about Taxation without Representation.

A huge thanks to all of you who helped print and complete the extra work over the break. They were rewarded with tickets in class and will have some points added to grades for completion.

Please don’t forget about our field trip on Thursday.  Remind your child to wear comfortable shoes.


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