May 23

Thank you!

I can’t believe that in an hour my babies, my first ever class of 4th graders, are going to walk in here for the last day of school.  Where did the time go?

I am so thankful for each and every one of them, and for their parents as well. It truly is a team effort to educate these kids and I saw, took note, and appreciate all of your help as parents this year. I can not wait to see them grow next year as 5th graders and hear about their future successes.  One of the best things I can receive as a teacher is an update on how well my student is doing in the future. Please don’t be a stranger.

Enjoy your summer!



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May 7

Different Lunch time on Monday, May 14th

Our lunch time (normally 12:15 – 12:45) will be changed on Monday, May 14th. We will eat at 10:39 – 11:09.  Please feel free to send in an extra snack to be eaten in the afternoon.

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May 2

May Update

Wow….Where did the year go?   We are wrapping up all our final assessments and will continue to work on 4th grade standards until the end.

A few reminders:

Morning News Crew (for next year in 5th) Applications are due next week. Remind your child to turn it in if they are interested.

Safety patrol applications have not been finalized. They are coming soon.

Our Class party for the end of the year is set for May 16th 10:00 -11:00. I hope to see many of you.

Math: We have covered all of the 4th grade math standards. Now we get to review, and apply what we learned to some real world applications. We have been designing our dream houses with our geometry and measurement standards, and we will solve the doggie dilemma by reviewing area and perimeter in the next week.  Math Fact Club will hold its final celebration on Monday, May 21st. To be part of the celebration your child has to pass multiplication and division on the following website:                 ( It must be level 2 !!!)

High-fives to the 4 students who have completed this already. Several other students passed multiplication, but not division. I learned during our Escape the Classroom challenge that some students have forgotten their facts, so both multiplication and division must be passed to be part of the celebration. Encourage them to work hard!!

ELA:  We are beginning the final copies of our westward expansion writing. With this informational unit the students will also work in a group to create a PowerPoint.

We are also reading our last class novel, Wonder. This is an absolute favorite of mine. Your child has a Book Bingo form in their binder. This is DUE MAY 11th.  It was handed out 5 weeks ago and should be almost done. I have to sign off for the books they choose. Please remind them that it needs to be completed.

Spelling continues with the sort 23 test tomorrow and sort 24 HW and test on May 10th.

Our poetry unit is off to a great start. We are talking about imagery, tone, mood, and even having fun with some whimsical poetry and animal alliteration. I am so impressed by many of the poets I am seeing in class. They will each pick one poem to share and we will host a Poetry Slam in the Learning Commons about two weeks from today. Please stay tuned for a sign up for a few items we need.

Social Studies: We had a great field trip this week as we start learning about the Civil War. We have learned about the differences between the North and South, causes of the war, and will continue to learn about some abolitionists, battles, and reconstruction.

Science: We have started our last science unit as well. Ecosystems!   Most students are eager to dissect their owl pellet.  We will pull those apart and identify the bones the week of the 14th.


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May 2

Breakout Classroom

A huge shoutout to Mrs. O’Connor!  Thank you.   Our class did an escape the classroom lesson with her in the learning commons last week and they are still talking about it. They had to solve math, put clues together, search for more clues, solve more math and unlock multiple locks to receive the antidote. Thankful that each group worked together to ESCAPE!


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May 1

A.C. Class meeting

There will be an Advanced Content Informational Meeting for parents of students who will be in 4th and 5th grades next year, 2018-2019. This meeting is for all parents who would like more information about the program and how students qualify for Advanced Content English Language Arts and/or Advanced Content Math for 4th and 5th grades. The meeting will be May 10, 2018 at 8:00 A.M.  in the Learning Commons.

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April 17

Mid April Update

Our Sports-a-Thon is on the 25th. Please remember to send your child with a change of clothes and a water bottle.

We will continue to review geometry and measurement standards and have a quiz next week on measurement. Please check the blog or your child’s agenda for the date. We did not want to assess on top of Milestones testing.

In ELA we are continuing with our book study and will be learning about poetry. Through poetry we will apply many of our 4th grade ELA standards. We will also be researching westward expansion to combine some social studies into our writing. Spelling started back today. Homework and a spelling test will be next Thursday the 26th.

Progress reports will come home next week. Please continue to check online for grades and email me any questions you have.

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April 8

Welcome Back

A Few Important Dates:

April 10th – 19th Milestones testing and make up dates. No visitors in the building.

April 16th – Last day to pre-order a yearbook

April 18th – Sports – A- Thon Pep Rally. Look for information to come home. This is our Field Day replacement.

April 19th – Mrs. Somerville turns 21, ha !

April 25th – Sports – a- Thon !!!  ( 3rd – 5th)

We will be finishing our measurement unit this week before math milestones next week.  We will spend the following weeks working on some extension math and assessing on measurement.  I love being able to apply their math standards to real world situations and see it all come together.

During testing weeks we will begin a class read aloud and review some reading standards.

In social studies we will pick back up with the New Nation unit and then begin Westward Expansion.

There will be NO HOMEWORK on testing dates, and spelling will pick back up on April 19th. Please continue to encourage at home reading so your child can complete the book bingo assignment.


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March 23

Next Week

There will not be a weekly report sent home today. Next week you will receive one with several graded papers. Some 4th quarter grades are in the gradebook, please email me if you have any questions.

We will continue reviewing writing strategies and working on extended responses. In reading we will look at paired texts and review constructed responses and how to include evidence in our answers.

For math we will be working on geometry. This unit is very vocabulary heavy. PLEASE review the geometry vocabulary nightly. The students have a notes packet that we will work on in class each day. This may also be used for review. There will be a math quiz on Thursday.



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