December 6

STEM Day 12/19/17

Hi families!
Our December STEM Day is fast approaching and we are in need of more supplies! Most of these items can be found at the Dollar Tree. If you are willing and able to donate, please sign up for a slot and send materials in by Wednesday, December 13th. Here is the link to the Sign Up Genius:

Thank you,
4th Grade Team

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December 4

December updates

A few dates to remember:

Tuesday, Dec. 5th Quiz on light (science)

Thursday, Dec. 14th- Fire Safety Field Trip

Monday, Dec. 18th – 4th Grade holiday party 9 – 10

Tuesday, Dec. 19th – STEM Day and Early Release

Wednesday, Dec. 20th Early Release and last day of school for 2017!

The week of Dec. 11th – 15th

In class spelling bee, RI Reading tests and MI math tests.


Science: I LOVED all the creative musical instruments. I don’t think any of our songs will make the top 10 list but the effort and creatively blew me away. The musical instrument grades will count as their summative assessment for sound and we will have a quiz over light on Tuesday the 5th.

Reading: The reading test originally scheduled for Friday has been moved to Monday. Your child has a study guide and notes in their reading journals. Please study text features. We will move on to text structure next. This includes problem and solution, cause and effect, chronological order, etc.

Math: In math we will begin 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication. Keep working on those math facts. They need to be mastered. The division test will be graded over the weekend and grades entered soon.

ELA: My wonderful writers have made SO MANY gains this 9 weeks. They worked their way through some revising and editing stations this week and wrote final drafts for their chosen opinion topic. Next, we will take it up a notch by all writing on the same topic. Students will have different opinions and will be asked for your thoughts on the topic to help determine their side of the topic. More information will come home soon.   Through the revising and editing, I was reminded that there are some students who do not know how to use a dictionary. Even though most of us use spell check, the students still know how to use a dictionary. Any time at home they have a chance, have them look up words the “old fashion” way.


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November 16

Nov 15th Update: READ Carefully, long post

I apologize now, this will be a lot of reading. I wanted to keep everyone informed and up to date and I truly plan on putting away work next week and enjoying my family time.

Upcoming Important Dates:

November 29th – musical instrument project due

November 30th – math test on division

December 14th – Fire safety village field trip

Week of Dec 11th – 15th During this week we will be taking the Reading Inventory and  Math inventory tests. Please help stress the importance of trying our best. This week we will also have our in class spelling bee to determine who from our class goes on to compete in the school spelling bee.

December 18th 9:00 – 10:00, 4th grade holiday party

December 19th – STEM day, early release

December 20th – Last day before break, early release

Academic Updates:

We have passed the 4 1/2 week mark for the grading period. Progress reports are no longer being printed and sent home. Parents- you need to log in to monitor your child’s progress and grades. There should not be any surprises when report cards are finalized. The standards are getting harder and our expectations are higher.  I am proud of the students who are following my advice to spend extra time studying each night. I can tell who is putting in the extra time.

Reading:  We have finished our novel and are working on a book project. Next we will are switching to non-fiction. We will work on text features. This includes charts, graphs, captions, index, glossary, cutaways, inserts, and photos. The last couple weeks of this grading period will be spent on text structure. That is cause and effect, sequencing, problem and solution, etc.  So identifying those relationships in text at home will also help.

One thing I have noticed lately in class with reading (and science and social studies) is the inability to re-tell what happened or what we read in our own words. Sometimes a question is asked and the wording is slightly different than the text. Some students are having a hard time with finding the answers because they don’t understand the wording. An example of this was with our recent SS unit on explorers. The social studies passage said something to the effect of …..the explorers were in an area now known as Canada. Then the question asked…Which explorers were in present day Canada.  Several students could not find the answer because it was worded slightly different. To help with this, please help with story re-tell and summarizing using their own words.

ELA:  Tomorrow will be our last spelling test for this 9 week grading period. We will start back up with spelling in January. There will be other ELA homework sent in place of spelling HW. Sometimes this will be writing HW, sometimes grammar. The students are working so hard on their opinion writing pieces.

Science: We have started our unit on sound and light. Today we did some really great experiments. Please ask your child if they can see sound. Hopefully they say yes, We made nerds dance, water jump out of a bowl, spoons chime and balloons whirl. Below is a link to a review video, in case they want to watch it again. ( and again and again)

Math:  Multiplication of one digit by up to 4 digits went well. Some students who struggled simply did not know their multiplication facts. I have made it clear to the students they will continue to struggle if they aren’t doing extra at home to learn their facts. PLEASE help support this. They sell flashcards at the dollar store.

We have moved on to division and it seems to stump some of them. We are starting with one digit divisors, but must learn several ways to solve. Please see below for some helpful videos. I watched several to find the least annoying voice, but don’t like the lack of vocabulary in the 2nd video. She refers to the “number on the side’. I expect the students to know the dividend, divisor and quotient for their math terminology. There is a TEST scheduled for Thursday, November 30th. 

Partial quotients: We spent most of our week learning this method.

Area model with division: We will pick back up with this after the break.

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November 10

Book Fair

Dear Parents,

Our Book Fair is here! You can also shop our online book fair! If you would like to shop the online book fair for gifts for the holiday season you are able to add a note to your online order. In the note you can request that when the order is delivered to the school to please call you for pick up! Please include your name, your child’s name, your phone number, and call for pick up. The online fair has been extended until Sunday, November 26th.
The link to the online book fair is

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November 9

Compassion week

Join us in celebrating Compassion Week Monday November 13th to Friday November 17th. A letter with details will come home Friday November 10th. Be on the lookout and don’t forget to help your child decorate, cut and send their compassion hearts back to school so we can hang them for all to see. Below are the daily themes…Thank you for your support in celebrating this wonderful week of compassion with us.

Monday (11/13) Mismatch Sock Day

Tuesday (11/14) Crazy Hair, Don’t Care Day

Wednesday (11/15) Show our Compassion Day (Using kind, positive words throughout the day)

Thursday (11/16) Caps for Compassion Day

Friday (11/17) Rock your Pink and Yellow Day

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October 30

November Update

Technically I’m a couple days early, but with Halloween I knew I had better sit and write this tonight because I will be out with an adorable Spider-Man tomorrow night.  I hope everyone has a fun, safe Halloween. The teacher in me needs to remind everyone that school snacks need to be healthy. It’s obviously your choice what you pack in a lunchbox, but I beg and plead with you to not send sugar in excess.

A few dates to remember:

Thursday, Nov. 2nd – PIZZA PARTY  ( moved from Friday 11/3, due to Target day)

Tuesday, Nov. 7th – No school for students

Thursday, Nov. 9th Wellstar Wheel Wise lesson

Wednesday, Nov. 15th 4th Grade Thanksgiving lunch, 12:40 advance tickets must be purchased.

Thursday, Nov. 16th- Progress reports go home.


Grammar: We are continuing our mentor sentences and revisiting dialogue this week. We will also be working on paragraph formation to help us in our writing unit.

Reading: We continue to discuss how characters change, what we can infer from characters thoughts and actions, and how to think deep about repeating themes in text. There is a Reading TEST this Thursday on analyzing characters through traits and picking out evidence in the text. This is what we have been working on through our novel study. Some students struggled with a classwork activity today and will bring it home tomorrow to correct and review their answers.  Please help read it over with your child. The questions on this classwork will be similar to the test. They  completed the class work directly after meeting with me in guided reading rotations, so there is one more group that will complete it tomorrow in preparation for Thursday’s test.

Writing: We started our opinion unit and have discussed fact vs. opinion. We will learn how to research and provide evidence on a variety of topics. I LOVE what I am already seeing from them.

Social Studies: We have started learning about the 13 colonies and working our way to the causes of the American Revolution.

Math: We discussed multiplying by 10, 100 and 100 and today moved on to estimating products. I would love for the students to review how to round as this held us back a bit today for estimating.  We will talk about how to use rounding to check the reasonableness of our answers with solving multiplication.





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October 15

Thanksgiving Lunch

Please Save the Date for our MVE Thanksgiving lunch.   Wednesday November 15th at 12:40.

This year ALL TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE.  Please note that your child is bringing home a teal order form tomorrow (10/15/17) if you are interested in purchasing meals.

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