March 12

A Few Reminders

This Wednesday is early release. Clubs will still meet at their normal times.

The Book Fair starts this week. Our class date is Tuesday, March 20th. We will go from 9:00 – 9:30


To help celebrate Read Across America Month, we will have some fun theme days this Friday and next week.

Friday 3/16: Green Eggs and Ham-Wear Green

Monday:  Best guess in the Learning Commons for the number of fish in the bowl will win a $5.00 book fair gift certificate.

Tuesday:  Fictional Character Dress Up Day

Wednesday:  Cat in the Hat, wear a hat to school

Thursday:  Fox in Socks, wear your silliest or mismatched socks to school

Friday:  Pajama Day



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March 9

Update / STEM Day

Are you ready for some competition?  Are you ready for the Olympics?   This Wednesday our students will travel through stations learning about measurement during the MEASUREMENT OLYMPICS!!!    I am really excited and hoping our class brings home the gold.

Next week in reading we will refresh main idea and learn how to summarize non fiction text.

In ELA, we will finish relative pronouns and begin context clues. In addition, we will talk about narratives, informational writing and opinion writing. We will review the elements of each type of writing and how we know what type to write when given a prompt.

In math we will begin learning about decimals as they relate to fractions and also learn about metric measurement.

In science we will finish up our unit on planets.



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March 1

March Update

Math:  We have been working on fractions. Please continue adding a subtracting with models and a number line. This week we started adding and subtracting mixed numbers. Please continue to work on this. On the weekly report that came home today, it states the fraction test will be on Thursday the 8th.  There is a possibility it will be moved to Monday the 12th. I will let the students know on Monday.

Reading: Our novel studies are finishing and we will work on a book project next week. We will also talk about myths, fables, folktales and compare and contrast literature across cultures.

Writing / ELA: The students will write their informational post test next week. Spelling started back this week. List 20 was sent home yesterday.

Science:  Quiz on Monday over lesson 4-7. Please see the study guide we have completed in class. The lessons 1-3 will be taught next week and a quiz the following Monday ( March 12th)

Some Science help:


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February 26

Planet Research for Writing and Science

Before the break we started researching planets for our informational writing unit. Tonight for homework research MUST be finalized. The students were aware of this deadline before the break. Please check in with your child to make sure they are on track to write a rough draft tomorrow in class.



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February 15

Mid Month Update

A HUGE thank you for spoiling me this week. Teacher Appreciation and Valentine’s Day in the same week. The school supplies are so appreciated. I told the students the other day that I thought they were eating pencils and glue sticks. I can literally put 30 pencils in the jar on Monday and by Wednesday there are 2 left. We only have 25 students.

When we return we will continue adding and subtracting fractions and move on to multiplying and our decimal unit.

In reading, most of our book clubs will be ending and there will be an assessment / project to be completed in class. We will also be talking about comparing and contrasting, context clues, and back to summarizing and main idea but with non-fiction text.

Our social studies block will switch to science as we talk about our planets. Much of this unit is covered in science lab, but students are still responsible for the understanding of the standards. Please encourage them to keep asking questions. We will write informational writing papers on the planets to help.  ***Just a reminder there are no re-takes on the SS test since we are moving on to science. Grades will be entered tonight.

Enjoy the break, rest up, play in the rain, READ every day and keep working on math.

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February 10

March STEM Day

Please see the link below and donate if you are able.







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February 7

Another note from our nurse

Please email Nurse Karetha at and let her know if your student has been diagnosed with the flu by a health care provider this year.

Remember – the best way to stay well is to wash your hands thoroughly and do not touch your face. Stay home if you’re not feeling well. Germs are not something we want to share at Mountain View! See the school website for more info on the flu and how to prevent it. Check out these important short videos!

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